Got somethin’ in the oven….

The ACTUAL oven!!!!!! pics to come!!


(via, of course [Linda Miner]). We’re talking about heart healthy foods, and she’s big on eating real food, which I think is super important. Since I’m on a diet where about 40% of everything I eat is protein, we were talking about eggs and how they’re a perfect protein.

Did you know…

My best friend

was a guest blogger on the Etsy blog today- AND SHE DID AN AMAZING JOB!! Etsy, which you hopfully already know about, is an online store, and community really, for all kinds of artisans to sell their handmade goods. Its a great way to support small, and even local (which we all know I love) businesses. It is definitely worth a once over!

But back to the point » Kelly Lanza at Notable Inspiration, my friend, roommate, and comedic relief, has a great post on * winter weddings * that is worth checking out. Even if you’re not into weddings her style boards are beautiful and captivating and incredibly lovely (so it’s really better if you look)…


  • Via the Etsy Website

This is just one of her amazing ideas so please stop by Etsy or Notable Inspiration today and be inspired!


Clearly something needs to change. This is out of control.

I’m looking into buying this home, please let me know when’s good for you to visit! DYYING

Meet Audrey

I realize there has been little design related content up so far, if any, but that is finally changing! Food (and it’s crazes aside) my passion is interiors. I spend the majority of my time looking for inspiration, gawking at homes, and peering through windows- not peeping, peering. I try to appreciate all kinds of design (except when watching DesignStar) but I am biased towards my own preferences (so sue me!).

So my personal preferences being the obvious priority here—- look at this DREAM chair.

Audrey Chair $999  Room & Board

(little Audrey’s - I couldn’t pick my favorite)

Shown in valor (there is also a leather option I don’t like as much), Audrey is my perfect chair. The Website says:


Vintage-inspired, modern style. Audrey’s classic profile and beautiful tailoring make it a timeless chair that will always invite you to sink in and relax.

  • single-wrapped foam seat cushion
  • tight back
  • cognac-stained legs

charcoal (aubergine, jade & tangerine)

Material: valor

Material Detail:
65% polyester, 35% cotton velvet

Stain Resistant:

Cushion Type:
double-wrapped foam

Foot Finish:

Product Origin:
made in Texas      « « « product of the USA… me likey!

I had the pleasure of doing a test sit a few weeks ago- all part of the charm. I like to sit cross legged when i read the high back is supportive but the low/minimal arms allow for perfect comfort. LOVE LOVE LOVE the modern lines on this tradition piece (that’s my style fyi, a classic contemporary blend). Anyway even if no one else likes Audrey I am working on getting her for my own (budget being the reason for our current separation). Hope you’re just as in love!

This article is definitely worth checking out. Scary but thought provoking.

Check you’re fridge!

Surprise! I went on Vacation/ a Cross Country Road Trip! My apologies for not updating but I’ve been back to my hometown, Chicago, and then went to a wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The trip was really great, and the boy came along, so that just made it extra special! I have lots to post on sights, literature, CHAIRS!!… ahh I can’t wait!

Meant to post this earlier, really interesting article in NYT.

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